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As the term suggests, Bare Shell office space is the one which you can develop as per your requirements. These office spaces are provided with the basic level of flooring and plastered walls with structure sans air-conditioning, ducting and finishing.

These spaces offer tremendous scope and flexibility to you to develop an office space the way you desire. At the same time, there is an advantage in terms of costs too. That is why, a number of companies and entrepreneurs prefer this type of office spaces.

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These are ready-to-move-in, plug-and-play office spaces where you can move in without hassles. All the furniture, fixtures and amenities are available in up and running condition.

This is an apt option for the companies that do not have much time to develop an office and want to start the work within a few days. The fully-furnished office spaces

With respect to these needs and aspirations of the clients, Alphathum has set aside exclusive spaces that are designed aesthetically and provide with an exquisite combination of comfort, efficiency, flexibility and cost advantage.



If you opt for Warm Shell units, you have a luxury to move in rather quickly. These units come finished with interiors, flooring, whitewash, cooling and heating system, lighting and plumbing.

All you need is to put the furniture within the space and start operating. At Alphathum, we have an array of Grade-A, high-quality warm shell units that are getting leased out fast.

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